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[11 Jun 2005|10:01pm]
fucking hate having no money. it sucks. but my mummys been really kind and helped me out a lot. i cannot wait to get back home and work again. i really want to change jobs, cos i HATE the hours i work and its all shift work so i never know what im working the following week thus cant arrange to meet up with friends and do other sociable things. the money's crap too. but i know what im doing, and its a permanant job.

so...lets not complain.

anyhow, must go. havent really got much to say.

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Birthdays [02 May 2005|03:45pm]
Happy Birthday to me.

Birthdays are shit.

they get crapper every year. but normally, to make them good, i make a list of the things i want and them my lovely family and lovlier friends get them for me. but this time i just couldnt think.

my mum said its a sign of a content person...you know..not wanting anything material. but i dunno.

my mum and dad gave me money, as did by brother and ny nan and my aunt and uncles. sophie got me high street vouchers. but money just isnt as exciting really.

and now im 20. it doesnt feel much different from being 19...but i hate saying that im 20. it sounds..well...old really (apologies to those over 20)

and also, beacuse of my birthday landing on a stupid bank holiday, all the post comes the day after....


neway. happy birthday to me. i am now going to eat some more of my lovely cake.

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[28 Apr 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Just wanted to remind you all it's my birthday is 4 days!


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Happy 20th Birthday Sarah! [27 Apr 2005|04:39pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

hey Sarah....

i know it won't be the best birthday in the world what with the operation and everything... but i promise we shall meet up and celebrate in style when exams are over :o)

oh and ps- i hope you get your present soon...i posted it to your uni address cos dumb little Nee forgot you would be back at home....duh!

hope you recover soon hun....

Loadsa Love,

Nee x.


[27 Jan 2005|12:46pm]
not much to report. went home for eid. which was good. i was ill though, i came down with a cold which wasnt very nice. my mum made a gorgeous home cooked meal with all the trimmings and everything. actually, when i say a meal, i think i should say a huge feast! i think it fed like 30 people!

oh oh oh....and i got a new phone!!!!!! (Still the same number you guys..dont worry) its got Blue tooth, a camera waaaay better than my old phone, a video recorder and everyhing!

i love it! and i love my parents for getting it for me :o)

and i got money too :o)

so all in all it was a pretty productive weekend :o)]

for now i may do some work. i am contemplating going to birmingham for the weekend to go visit my friend. but i think that all depends on how much work i get done!

and i have lectures to attend from 3 till 6 yet...and ive been here since 10 :o/


Birthdays [20 Jan 2005|01:29pm]
its my dads birthday on saturday. and Gem's birthday too. got Gem's present, i have no idea what im gonna get my dad though.

his entire bathroom cupboard consists of all the aftershaves i have ever bought him and his wardrobe of all the ties ive bought hi since the age of 14 or something for fathers days, birthdays, eids and just random times when i got my wage.

i really think i should start buying him more of a variety. thankfully i have never got him any socks.

girls are so easy to buy for though, personally im happy with anything thats gift wrapped.

im going home tonight to celebrate eid with my family, should be fun. it means presents and food.

which is always good

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Eeeeeeeeek! [19 Jan 2005|02:29pm]
i almost forgot to say!

i got my new MP3 player yesterday! its still in its packaging! i need to go home and unwrap it soon!

but my poor mini disk will have to go to a new home :o/

but, upates have to be made im afraid :o)


[11 Jan 2005|03:40pm]
i need to decide on my accomodation for next year tonight. ive applied for the en-siute but it is so god damn expensive. like but i really dont want to live in the building i did last year purely beacuse of the disgusting mess it always was. there was so manyt of us that people thought they could get away with not washing up and cleaning etc etc. everytime i went into the kitchen i was put off my food. and the bathrooms were like school changing rooms and showers. not nice.

but i also want to live with Jan and Alex. Alex will probably go where i do, but janice wants to go back to where we were last year. oh, and the en-suitre accomodation requires me to move ALL my stuff out for the term holidays.

and im not one to travel light :o/

oh...by the way.....on the plus side i got two essays back :oD

and i got a 2:1 on both :oD
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[10 Jan 2005|01:58pm]
back at uni. got the essay done that i had the extension on. im pretty proud of myself. got most of my work done. and my best acheivement was doing 3000 words in the space of 24 hours :oD

and when i finished i thought i desreved a night out. so a night out i had :o)

its my own fault though. i got NOTHING done while i was at home. all i did was work and babysit.


went to the sugarhouse with Fudge and her friends, it was so busy, even thought term hadnt started till today.

gonna go hand in my essay now. but ive also collect a couple...first essay marks im gonna get back this year. and the marks actually count :o/

oh well, good or bad marks im off out again tonight.

going to the pics first with Fudge, and then maybe liquid me thinks :o)

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[15 Dec 2004|11:49am]
[ mood | bored ]

so here i am, back home.

michaelmas term is over. dont have much work to do over xmas. random readings. an essay. and just gotta sort stuff out really. think about what i might do for my dissertation. i need ideas.

i dont know if i was looking forward to coming home. i was really enjoying uni life. but as soon as i got here it felt good to be home. it starting to feel more like home now. dad's been doing his DIY round the house and mums been putting round a few finishing touches.

its far from finished though. the drive was only completed yesterday. before that apparantly my parents had to walk accross a plank of wood to get to the front door...they were always arguing who could park in the drive, so we had it made into a double... although we cheacked and there is actually space for three cars now :oD

im working on it :op

the new windows are almost completed. just new doors to be put in now. then the blinds man should be back again to do all the fittings again.

i have no idea where anything is though. i found my way round the kitchen. but thats as far as ive got. which is ok for now :o)

im so bored. mum and dad are at work. boys at school. soph's at work too. and there are random guys in my house who claim to be putting the windows in.

and are making lots of noise.

must shoot. need lunch.



if you never ask...you never get [08 Dec 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

got an extension :o)

the converstation went along the lines of..

Me- oh...hi...erm...yeah...erm...well...i was...kinda...well..the thing is...i was wondering...if...well...erm...mmmm...if..if..if.. i could have kinda a little....erm...bit...erm..just a little...more time to do my...erm... assignment?

Him- Yeah sure..when do you want to hand it in?

Me- well...erm..thank you...erm...wow. erm. thanks. wow. over the hols?

Him- dont be silly...give it to me when you get back...its not a problem...

Me- erm...wow. cool. erm. ok. thank you

Him- No problem. anytime.

Me- ok...bye... (walks out)

(then turns back around)

erm....do you not want to know my reason? you havent asked....its cos..i...well..

Him- dont worry Nee, whatever it is. its ok. i trust you.

Me (gobsmacked) erm. wow. ok then, thaks. but it is actually because of my wisdom tooth and stuff coming through...and im in a lot of pain...and ive dobe all my other essays..but i couldn't...

Him- awww...im sorry about that Nee. hope you get better soon. just pick up an extension form and i'll sign it for you. its no problem..


And that was that :o)

glad i got an extension. its less work for this week...my tooth is still killing me :o|

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oh... [07 Dec 2004|01:10pm]
[ mood | restless ]

and ps-do you think not sleeping for 5 days and having a wisdom tooth is grounds for getting an essay extension?

i wouldnt ask of i wasnt desperate. at the moment i feel like a walking zombie and i seem to be living off ibuprofen and lucozade though a straw.

i handed in 9,000 words last week. and as soon as i handed them in i was bed-ridden for a few days.

got outta bed today to come and see my department,

and this 3000 word essay is in for friday. and as yet i have only chosen my title.

ive never asked for one before. and i always do my work and stuff. and my department are lovely. they know me real well. its just hard attempting to justify toothache

damn it. im gonna try anyway. it is a valid reason.

im gonna go to my dept now actually x.

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[07 Dec 2004|01:05pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

tooth still kills. i have been living off ibuprofen for about 5 days now.

its not healthy.

michael's been looking after me, as have my friends. but im sick of it, it fucking kills. and there isnt anything i can do about it. the left side of my mouth is throbbing with pain. endlessly.

the pain killers help. but then they wear off. and then it takes a while for them to kick in again.

i went to the drop in nurse's unit on campus. i know its a wisdom tooth. but i wanted to make sure it was nothing more. she said just to wait till i get home this weekend and see the dentist. like i didnt think of that anyway.

i havent felt this shit in ages.

i am unable to talk. unable to smile. and worst of all unable to eat.

so glad i can type my feelings in this day and age.
thank the Lord for livejournal and email.

without this. i would cry.


[03 Dec 2004|12:04pm]
fucking kills! i have my stupid wisdom tooth coming through. i was in pain most the night. i got my essay finished at 3...thought id get a few hours sleep. hell no.

and i hate the fact it hurts to talk...wtf? talking is my thing! but im sop stupid. i talk even if it hurts.

but i suppose for now i'll have to settle for typing.

anyhow, got 3 essays done. just one to go. 3000 words. shouldnt be too bad. after writing 9000 within a coupla weeks, this should be right.
although i must start some reading at somepoint. decided i should have the day off. well...after my 1.00 lecture i will.

so im off into preston with Michael.

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[02 Dec 2004|12:10pm]
carleton was good last night. despite the 3000 word essay due in tmrw, the girls twisted my arm and we decided to go.

county football team had their social. so it was kind of a duty :op i had to go.

had a good time, except for the bump i have on my head :o/

whilst perfectly fine, dancing away in my own little world, Gaz decided to come attack me....he ran towards me to hug me and when he did i went flying to the ground...and it hurt!

but everyone was real nice, they helped me up and rubbed my head and stuff. i was ok. not concussed or anything, at least i dont think i was. and he apologised. more than once. infact, i thin he apologised for the rest of the night!

oh....Adam was there too. we've been getting on so well recently. so it was good to catch up. he's still a bit weird about the whole moving on thing. but i had a good time. gem spent most the night as far away from UV light as she could (three guesses why), and made tony and jan stand with her :o)

so i danced the night away. and i decided to steal Adam's tie. and then ran home. he has had my hoodie for aaaaaages now...since the beginning of term me thinks. so. until i get my Hoodie back...he's not even gonna get close to getting his football tie back :o)and i know he loves the tie.

oh....then on the way home i met dont_panic on the bus. and we reminissed the good old days of sixth form. i dont remember much after that. except this morning i got told off for being loud when i got in :o/

oops x.

ps- i think its the first time EVER i have been to the Carleton and not cried!

pps- i need to find out which of the footie team have photos. and then i shall attempt to destroy all evidence of the fall


[25 Nov 2004|02:45pm]
still have shit laodsa work to get thru. not gonana get it done in time, i know it. going out with Michael tonight...should be fun :o)

ps- draper.....when are you soming to lancaster? can you pls txt me and let me know then i shall organise for something to do. although i warn you, i am not into the rock stuff :o/ so i may take you to an RnB night instead? if thats ok?

call me. we'll talk :o)

and pps- Sarah....which linds are we talking about? the one that lives with you?

and ppps- Cam! update!

random kisses

Nee x.
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[20 Nov 2004|04:12pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

ok....done 2000 words...still another 10,000 to do...but im getting there...slowly but surely....

im in the library at the minute...but im so angry with myself! when will learn to stop pissing about and do some god damn work.....

i need to get off this computer. now.

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[12 Nov 2004|03:03pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

i hadnt heard form michael in like 48 hours. i was so annoyed. he only lives like a few streets away. but we dont share the same friends, nor do we do the same subject. so i was worried about him. if something happened then no-one would have told me. or if he lost his fone then he couldnt contact me. but he knew where i lived and stuff.

so i tried to call. first he didnt answer then it was on voicemail. he didnt reply to my txts or anything.

but last night i got a call from his mum. she said that he had been taken ill with Gladular Fever on tuesday night :o/

and he had to go home home. back to mancs. i was so upset. she said he'd been in deep sleep for ages and one of the first things he said when he woke up was to call me.

he kept complaining about not feeling well. and i just ignored it. not i feel real bad. but im gonna send him a get well card. and a sorry card.

i think that should cheer him up. i called his mum back to get the address. but i told her not to tell him i was sending anything. so t should be a good surprise.

now if you excuse me i have to go pack to i can go home and spend time with my family for a few days :o)

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[11 Nov 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i have to go home this weekend. im going tmrw after lectures.

i have 11,000 word to write before the 3rd December. i am so scared. its like 3 weeks away.

i also need to research on what i need to write. im doomed.

i wont be back from home till tuesday night or something. i'll never get any done while im at home.

might go out tonight. michael and i are gonna go to revolution and then the lounge i think. my excuse is i need to unwind. all i keep thinking of is all this work i have to do.

i cant work in this state. i need to recharge my batteries. so thats what i'll do.

love you all :o)


[08 Nov 2004|12:53pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

meeting jeff for lunch in a bit.

so weird, i havent seen him in months. he's back from the states to see his girlfriend again.

i think we were on good terms last time we met. and even if we weren't, we will be now. i dont like bad feeling between people. its not worth it.

as far as work goes i have done jack. i think i shall start soon. maybe today. i have books at home. i just need to open them. and then maybe read them.



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