Neelam (babet_nee) wrote,


Happy Birthday to me.

Birthdays are shit.

they get crapper every year. but normally, to make them good, i make a list of the things i want and them my lovely family and lovlier friends get them for me. but this time i just couldnt think.

my mum said its a sign of a content know..not wanting anything material. but i dunno.

my mum and dad gave me money, as did by brother and ny nan and my aunt and uncles. sophie got me high street vouchers. but money just isnt as exciting really.

and now im 20. it doesnt feel much different from being 19...but i hate saying that im 20. it sounds..well...old really (apologies to those over 20)

and also, beacuse of my birthday landing on a stupid bank holiday, all the post comes the day after....


neway. happy birthday to me. i am now going to eat some more of my lovely cake.

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