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i hadnt heard form michael in like 48 hours. i was so annoyed. he only lives like a few streets away. but we dont share the same friends, nor do we do the same subject. so i was worried about him. if something happened then no-one would have told me. or if he lost his fone then he couldnt contact me. but he knew where i lived and stuff.

so i tried to call. first he didnt answer then it was on voicemail. he didnt reply to my txts or anything.

but last night i got a call from his mum. she said that he had been taken ill with Gladular Fever on tuesday night :o/

and he had to go home home. back to mancs. i was so upset. she said he'd been in deep sleep for ages and one of the first things he said when he woke up was to call me.

he kept complaining about not feeling well. and i just ignored it. not i feel real bad. but im gonna send him a get well card. and a sorry card.

i think that should cheer him up. i called his mum back to get the address. but i told her not to tell him i was sending anything. so t should be a good surprise.

now if you excuse me i have to go pack to i can go home and spend time with my family for a few days :o)
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