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and ps-do you think not sleeping for 5 days and having a wisdom tooth is grounds for getting an essay extension?

i wouldnt ask of i wasnt desperate. at the moment i feel like a walking zombie and i seem to be living off ibuprofen and lucozade though a straw.

i handed in 9,000 words last week. and as soon as i handed them in i was bed-ridden for a few days.

got outta bed today to come and see my department,

and this 3000 word essay is in for friday. and as yet i have only chosen my title.

ive never asked for one before. and i always do my work and stuff. and my department are lovely. they know me real well. its just hard attempting to justify toothache

damn it. im gonna try anyway. it is a valid reason.

im gonna go to my dept now actually x.
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