Neelam (babet_nee) wrote,

back at uni. got the essay done that i had the extension on. im pretty proud of myself. got most of my work done. and my best acheivement was doing 3000 words in the space of 24 hours :oD

and when i finished i thought i desreved a night out. so a night out i had :o)

its my own fault though. i got NOTHING done while i was at home. all i did was work and babysit.


went to the sugarhouse with Fudge and her friends, it was so busy, even thought term hadnt started till today.

gonna go hand in my essay now. but ive also collect a couple...first essay marks im gonna get back this year. and the marks actually count :o/

oh well, good or bad marks im off out again tonight.

going to the pics first with Fudge, and then maybe liquid me thinks :o)

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