Neelam (babet_nee) wrote,

i need to decide on my accomodation for next year tonight. ive applied for the en-siute but it is so god damn expensive. like but i really dont want to live in the building i did last year purely beacuse of the disgusting mess it always was. there was so manyt of us that people thought they could get away with not washing up and cleaning etc etc. everytime i went into the kitchen i was put off my food. and the bathrooms were like school changing rooms and showers. not nice.

but i also want to live with Jan and Alex. Alex will probably go where i do, but janice wants to go back to where we were last year. oh, and the en-suitre accomodation requires me to move ALL my stuff out for the term holidays.

and im not one to travel light :o/ the way.....on the plus side i got two essays back :oD

and i got a 2:1 on both :oD
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